Suzanne Cadieux - 9/17/20

I have been with Holland for many years and have always had excellent service! I appreciate our agent, Jennifer.

Ed Mueller - 9/16/20

Almost four years with Holland and several needs with our insurance taken care of quickly means they are working for me.

Jody Divjak - 9/10/20

I have been with Holland for a long time. I would give a 100% rating because of the GREAT customer service that Jennifer always gives me. She is always professional -responds to me quickly and always looking out for my families best interest. She is the reason I am so happy with Holland. PS actually everybody there is Great - Keep up the great service!

Dawn Bell - 9/9/20

Jennifer is great, she is always on top of things. Calls you right back, takes care of all your needs and makes the process very simple.

Carolyn Inabnit - 9/8/20

Always available to answer questions and expedite any issues I might have.

Cory's Curb Appeal, LLC - 9/7/20

Always there when we need them!

Gethsemane Church of God  - 8/23/20

Any time that I have had a question or problem, the Holland team has been there for me. I greatly appreciate the service that you provide and I am constantly telling other associates about the quality of service. Thank you.

Dale & Karin Balsbaugh - 8/19/20

Always there to answer questions. They work with my budget. Offer many good plans. Very pleasant staff.

Patrick Cahill  - 8/19/20

Annual review of coverage and alternatives is very valuable.

Mary Peters - 8/3/20

I receive great customer service from Trish. She is so knowledgeable and great to work with.

Daniel & Kathleen Wilson  - 7/23/20

Excellent service. Treated like a valued customer having been with Holland so long. After cost comparison with other companies, we still get the best rates with Holland. 

Nevin Longeneck - 7/20/20 

Your service has been exemplary over these many years. Keep up the great work.

Robert Bentley - 7/17/20

Great job finding lower rates and great customer service

Lexus of Mishawaka  - 7/7/20

Always on top of everything

Richard Herzberg - 6/26/20

We have worked with Ray Barson for many years with our business and personal insurance. He and your staff have always been very professional and efficient in handling any concerns we have had.

Steven Wong - 6/26/20

Attention to detail, immediate response to our needs....I love you guys! 

ABC Tax Service - 6/16/20

Wonderful answer when I call and fast service

James Hahn  -  6/10/20

Jennifer Dunlap is the best representative I have ever dealt with. Holland has given us the best coverage at the best price for may years with Secura Insurance.

Richard Jozwiak - 6/5/2020

We have all of our insurance with your company. That includes house, cars, camper and boat. We are very pleased with your help, when needed, and the professional support you give us.

David Seifert - 6/3/2020

You are always available to answer our questions and have good customer service.

Steven Seifer - 6/3/2020

Your statements are easy to understand, you've always been very helpful whenever I'd had a question or concern. 

Four Seasons Service, LLC  - 6/2/2020

Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and always going the extra mile.

R & J Home Improvement, Inc. - 5/5/2020

Everyone that I have dealt with there is awesome

Barry Youngs - 5/4/2020

You always taken good care of us at a reasonable price and every time we call we talk to a human being and not a computer. Keep up the good work

By-Pass Paint Shop - Lucio DelPrete - 4/30/2020

I personally have been with Holland Insurance for over 30 years. As a matter of fact, my first agent was Ray's father, who was my father Danny's agent. Holland has been taking care of our families personal needs and business needs for over four decades. I am proud to say we are on our third generation of family members using this company's wonderful services. You guys keep up the good work. It does mean a lot in today's day and age when a company can give you service, quality and honestly.

Mark Snyder - 4/30/2020

Someone always answers the phone. Very responsive and helpful with all questions.

Maureen Ohara - 4/29/2020

Fast, friendly and customer service oriented. Ray does an outstanding job providing service to his clients. I highly recommend Holland for all your insurance needs.

Wayne Tulledge - 4/27/2020

Our agent has always been phenomenal and always looks out for our best interest. I refer Holland to my friends whenever I can.

Donald Hixon - 4/27/2020

You have always looked out for my best interest.

Matthew & Marilyn Dee - 4/27/2020

I have been dealing with Holland Insurance for many, many years. I have always found hem to be customer oriented, fair priced, reliable and caring.

Ginger Valley, Inc. - 4/24/2020

Great communication. Very understanding of small business needs.

Utility Locators, Inc. - 4/24/2020

Karen is always there when I have a question and I love quick responses :)

Tim Baker - 4/23/2020

Always ready to help, excellent customer service.

Paul Slagger - 4/23/2020

Always helpful and continually make sure I am getting a good price for my coverage.

Danny Plummer - 4/23/2020

When we have a question, we always get a quick reply back and you also try to get us the best prices, which always helps when it matters. Thank you, Holland Insurance.

Kelley Sweeney - 4/23/2020

Holland handles everything extremely efficiently.

Troy Terry - 4/23/2020

Very friendly, easy to work with, someone is always available to talk to you and you do an awesome job of following up and staying in touch.

Edward Voorde - 4/23/2020

The team is always on top of my needs and answers all my questions to my satisfaction.

Edward Trubac - 4/23/2020

Contacting your agency and getting quick answers has never been a problem. Thank you.

Janet Jessup - 4/22/2020

Very responsive and helpful on all aspects of car/home/umbrella coverage.

Advanced Ophthalmology - 4/22/2020

Multiple companies to choose from, so more likely to get best price. Care about your clients, very responsive to questions.

Rusk Builders, Inc - 4/22/2020

Good communication always! Fast reply when needed.

South Bend Hardwoods, LLC - 4/22/2020

We have worked with Ray for years and are confident he does everything possible to provide us with the most complete coverage possible while doing his best to hold down our costs. How can one not be loyal to that kind of service and commitment?

Gardner & Rans P.C. - 4/22/2020

I gave Holland Insurance the highest rating possible because Lynn is a Rockstar. So is Jim. Amazing communication and unprecedented service to their customers.

Naomi Bozovsky - 4/21/2020

I have had quality service with you for years!

John Faas - 4/20/2020

"We like that the insurance is reasonable priced. When we have had issues they’ve been very quick to respond, you can work with us."

Terrence Johnson - 4/20/2020

"Holland Insurance has been extremely easy to work with. The service we get from Jennifer is exceptional. I would recommend Holland Insurance to anyone who asks."

Jun Hu - 4/20/2020

"Excellent Service"

James Wagoner - 4/20/2020

"Good service"

Robert & Joann Cunningham - 4/20/2020

"Because you are always ready to help whether it is finding the best rates, administering claims, or just answering questions. And you do it nicely."

John Dendiu - 4/20/2020

Jennifer and Trish very friendly and helpful. No computer answers when I call the office. A real person picks up. What a treat! We have had Westfield for years and have had great service from them.


Robert Hohl - 4/20/2020

Prompt service. Personal connections.

Highly Recommend - 5 stars

Mary Lou Freitag - 4/17/2020

I have used Holland Insurance Group since 1996. They have always provided me with excellent service for all my insurance needs (home and auto). Jennifer Dunlap and the agents are very knowledgeable and very professional.

Humberto Decanini - 3/11/2020

Jennifer is very attentive and great to work with.

Nancy Bevis - 3/11/2020

Always prompt in answering questions and taking care of any problems.

River Valley Orthopedics - 3/11/2020

Very professional service, yet very personal also. I have been with Holland for 15 years or more with personal and business. I would not want to go to anyone else.

Milestone Realty, LLC - 3/11/2020

Lynn has been very helpful over the past year and always pleasant to work with.

Country Village in Georgetown - 3/11/2020

They are always there to help when you call and do a great job.

Millennial Car Company, LLC - 3/11/2020

Been nothing but helpful. Good Group.

Raymond Krol - 2/10/2020

I am very pleased with Auto-Owners Insurance coverage. Further, the local representative (Jennifer) in particular is a pleasure to deal with. I do not hesitate to call Holland with any questions or concerns with my insurance coverage since I know that I will be treated with courtesy and a friendly voice and prompt response.

Eva Mitchell - 2/10/2020

You guys always follow up and do everything that I ask. you give good advice and tell me why I should do something (or not) as relates to my insurance needs.

 Joseph Nagy - 2/10/2020

Friendly, knowledgeable, returns call timely and very helpful.

Rachelle Myers - 11/5/2019

I love working with Jennifer. I moved to Indiana almost 10 years ago and have been working with her since. She’s always so helpful and prompt when I call or email her.

Anonymous - 11/4/2019

We are happy Holland Insurance Group clients! We moved from another company to Holland, based on the recommendation of a friend. Our agent Jennifer has been easy to work with. When looking at our options, she laid all of them out for us and helped us decide the best fit for our family at a substantial cost savings. I highly recommend Holland Insurance Group.

Anonymous - 8/20/2019

As a current client of Holland Insurance Group, I highly encourage you consider them for your insurance needs!

 Jordan Cahall - 5/24/2018

Holland Insurance is Great-they helped me so much with great service and saved me money on my Insurance. The competitive rates couldn't be beat on my Condo. Thanks Holland for everything!

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Teresa Hartman - 5/23/2018

Lynn is a rock star!!

Lynn did a fantastic job in making the transition from one insurance company to another as seamless as possible. He was very good in answering any questions that we had and following through with the information that we requested.

Five Star Service!

Bill Heffelfinger - 5/22/2018

The team at Holland have provided excellent service whenever we have needed their help with a claim. Jennifer Dunlap and Jim Holland are awesome! Their individual attention, quick response time, and advocacy on our behalf have been invaluable!

Beyond the Expected

Nanette Eash - 5/22/2018

Jennifer at Holland insurance is amazing. If I have a question on coverage she has within minutes emailed me back with accurate & concise information.


 Jody Divjak - 5/22/2018

I have been with Holland Insurance for over 15 years and their customer service and great rates cant be beat. Jennifer works hard to keep me informed and "Always" gets the best rates for my family. Thanks Holland Insurance for all you do-Your Team is Awesome.

Katie M - 5/21/2018

Holland Insurance is the best around, high quality staff and very professional.